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Every O.A.M. eavestrough is made entirely of aluminum, making it both durable and resistant. Our eavestroughs are available in single or double-sided painted coils for custom installation, or preformed to fit in 5″, 6″ and 7″ widths respectively.

In addition, we offer all of our eavestroughs in aluminum for residences, in copper for prestigious residences and historical buildings and certainly in galvanized steel for commercial and industrial installations.

All of our eavestrough products are complemented by a vast assortment of downspouts, downspout elbows and downspout fasteners offered in many colors.

Compared to wood siding, is aluminum porous?2022-10-25T18:11:41-04:00

ALUZION siding is perfect for damp, shaded and/or sunny environments. Unlike wood, it is non-porous, which means it will not swell or mildew when exposed to its conditions. Since it does not retain water, it requires no maintenance, making it the most practical solution.

Is the Aluzion siding frost resistant?2022-10-25T18:13:09-04:00

Unlike most steel grades, aluminum does not become brittle at low temperatures. Instead, its strength increases. Because it does not absorb water or moisture, it will not warp or shrink when exposed to extremely cold conditions.

Is there a risk of insect infiltration following the installation of the siding?2022-10-25T18:39:58-04:00

ALUZION siding is a barrier against insects, so there is no need to worry about termites or ants affecting other types of siding such as wood.  On the contrary, it does not require additional chemical treatment to protect against pest attacks.

What happens to the siding if there is a question of hot weather?2022-10-25T18:41:40-04:00

ALUZION coating is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. When exposed to direct sunlight, it stays cooler than most other metals.  It absorbs heat naturally and slowly, but releases it quickly. 

Are your products easy to install?2022-10-25T18:43:20-04:00

Aluminum is a lightweight material, which means easy installation and handling while maintaining structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions.

Is your siding heavier than wood siding?2022-10-25T18:44:56-04:00

One of the most important properties of ALUZION siding is that it is very light, with a density of one third that of steel and a weight of 50% less than wood.  Its high density explains why it is still light, but does not compromise its resistance.

Do your aluminum products offer stain resistance?2022-10-25T18:46:15-04:00

Our paint finish offers a specially developed and baked-on exterior grade that is chip resistant and has a perfect finish to maintain its appearance for over 30 years.

Our manufacturing process impregnates the entire thickness of the coating, which means that ALUZION’s finish is the first in the coating industry to have this alloy and simulate the natural grain of wood.  

Should I be concerned about long-term corrosion problems?2022-10-25T18:55:03-04:00

Our gutters, soffits and fascias as well as our ALUZION cladding are made of high quality aluminum. Unlike other metals, aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin oxide layer. Although imperceptible, this natural layer provides excellent protection against corrosion. This anodizing process naturally improves its resilience to corrosion in extremely harsh environments.

Do your products have UV resistance?2022-10-25T18:58:46-04:00

No matter which OAM building product you use, your color choice will stand the test of time, as all of our colors have been rigorously tested to withstand the most extreme environments. In addition, ALUZION’s advanced paint technology and powder coating process provides a durable finish that resists chipping, peeling and cracking and will last for over 30 years. In addition, with this same technology, we have manufactured the coating with WOODEN ALUZION colors simulating the natural grain of wood.

Do your products warp over time?2022-10-25T19:00:22-04:00

Our gutters, soffits, fascias as well as our ALUZION siding is made of aluminum so it is not only lighter and stronger, but it is also straighter than real wood. With a unique alloy, it guarantees a perfectly designed, high quality material that is easy to install and will not warp over time.

Are the products offered fireproof?2022-10-25T19:02:59-04:00

Our ALUZION aluminum siding, gutters, soffits, fascias are all fireproof. This means that in case of fire, it will not burn or melt like other claddings. This advantage goes far beyond the use of wood. All our products are non-combustible and are manufactured to meet international fire standards.

Are your products environmentally friendly?2022-10-25T19:04:46-04:00

Metal is one of the most recycled materials on the planet and aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal. All our products, including ALUZION siding, are 100% recyclable. 

What are the advantages of renovating with Aluzion aluminum siding?2022-10-25T19:08:15-04:00

Aluminum can transform “energy monsters” into energy-efficient buildings.

How airtight is Aluzion aluminum siding?2022-10-25T19:09:41-04:00

Aluminum is a non-porous material and its mechanical stability guarantees optimal behavior over time. This improves the airtightness and thus prevents heat loss.

Is exterior aluminum siding hazardous to the environment?2022-10-25T19:11:56-04:00

Several studies have shown that aluminum building materials do not pose a hazard to the occupants or the immediate environment on either side. Aluminum building materials have no adverse impact on indoor air quality or on ground, soil or surface water. 

Is Aluzion aluminum siding a fire safety feature?2022-10-25T19:13:25-04:00

Aluminum does not burn and is therefore classified as a non-combustible building material. Aluminum alloys melt at about 650°C without releasing harmful gases. Industrial roofs and exterior walls are increasingly made of aluminum, which is intended to melt in the event of a major fire to allow heat and fumes to escape and thus minimize damage.

What colors and textures are available for Aluzion aluminum siding?2022-10-25T19:15:04-04:00

See our colour chart.

How strong is the Aluzion aluminum siding?2022-10-25T19:16:32-04:00

This unique property of Aluzion aluminum cladding allows architects to meet expected performance requirements while minimizing the load on the building’s supporting structure. This is a key advantage for cladding and roofing applications. In addition, the light weight of the material makes it easy to transport and handle on site, reducing the risk of work-related accidents.

What is the maintenance of Aluzion aluminum siding?2022-10-25T19:19:29-04:00

Low maintenance apart from the usual cleaning for aesthetic reasons, aluminum requires no maintenance which is a huge advantage in terms of cost and for the environment throughout the life of the product.

How long does Aluzion aluminum siding last?2022-10-25T19:24:24-04:00

Aluminum alloys are resistant to the test of time, they do not age under the effect of ultraviolet rays and are resistant to corrosion, which guarantees optimal performance for a very long time.

Aluminum cladding can easily last 40 years or more if properly maintained.


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