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The Company

Since its opening in 1990, O.A.M. has been offering innovative, high quality, durable aluminum siding products in a wide range of colors for the Canadian market at competitive prices while providing fast service. Thanks to its high level of expertise, the company knows how to stand out in the North American market.

O.A.M. BUILDING PRODUCTS are aesthetically pleasing and durable aluminum materials, proudly made in Canada and designed to meet the needs of tomorrow, today.  For O.A.M., quality control is a daily challenge in order to offer quality products that meet the requirements of its customers and always stay one step ahead. No matter the size or complexity of your project, O.A.M. is able to transform and deliver quality products.

We are guided by our ideas and experience, working with our clients to understand their needs. The strength and integrity that is part of every O.A.M. construction product is the result of our efforts and dedication to continuous improvement.

Continuous Innovation

O.A.M. is the teacher of innovation and creation with its new products such as aluminum cladding designed directly for installers. The implementation of a new method and process of production and distribution is explained by products that are in demand in the aluminum market and result in success. One of them is the brand new ALUZION, an aluminum cladding that simulates the perfect appearance of wood grain.

O.A.M. is a company that carries out two complementary activities. The main activity is the transformation of aluminum products by profiling and stamping, while the second is distribution.

Roll forming is a continuous bending operation in which a long strip of aluminum is passed through a set of rolls mounted on consecutive supports until the final shape of the product is obtained.

Customers can pick up the finished products in person at one of the distribution centers or through delivery to their warehouse.


In 1990, Louis and Jocelyn Maisonneuve started their business by creating Les Gouttières des Laurentides (LGDL), a company strictly specialized in the installation of eavestroughs serving the lower Laurentians region.

In 1995, the two entrepreneurs built a factory to manufacture the products they installed. At that time, there were 10 employees.

In 1999, the Maisonneuve brothers added the distribution of aluminum products to their activities and now operate under the name of Ottawa Aluminum Manufacturers Inc (O.A.M.). They offer the products and accessories necessary for the installation of eavestroughs directly to all eavestrough installers and contractors in Quebec. The Maisonneuve brothers rely on quality, innovation and the competence of their employees to ensure the competitiveness of the growing company.

In 2008, O.A.M. acquired a new property and built their new manufacturing plant (25,000 sq. ft. spread over 2 floors) located in Saint-Eustache. New and innovative products are continuously added to the existing product lines using efficient manufacturing processes. Since the foundation of the company, the product lines have grown from 3 to 25. Among its lines, we find aluminum rolls, soffits, fascia, J-trims, downspouts, hooks, Alu-Rex products and caulking products. Motivated by the desire to have the widest variety of products, they make their products available in over 60 colors. In addition, they are working on developing an aluminum exterior cladding.

In 2011, the owners decided to rent a 60,000 sq. ft. building located in Saint-André D’Argenteuil in order to move their manufacturing activities there. The company now has more than 25 employees.

In June 2012, a distribution center was opened in Mississauga, Ontario, to serve the greater Toronto area.

With this in mind, in 2019, O.A.M. decided to take on an innovative project to manufacture and distribute a new aluminum exterior cladding to expand its market.

A definite advantage over the competition is the low operating cost of its plant located in a remote area, which gives it an edge over the competition, which is mostly composed of American multinationals located in large urban areas.

The proximity between the owners of O.A.M. and its customers is another element that favors the company. The absence of intermediaries facilitates communication and allows the managers to react quickly according to the needs of the clientele, which are constantly evolving. The most explicit example is the new Aluzion aluminum siding.

In conclusion, in founding O.A.M., they have been creative in making innovative products, for example, in aluminum siding, let’s talk about Aluzion aluminum siding for installers. With a strong certainty of success, they have visited many aluminum foundries, paint lines, manufacturing plants and manufacturing equipment shows. Thus, developing partnerships and alliances with individuals and companies who have the experience and skills necessary to optimize the realization of their products.